Monday, October 31, 2011

#22 Halloween 2011

Some pictures I could like to share taken at Woodgrove Ave during Halloween 2011. It's near my house and lots of foreigner living at that area which they could celebrate Halloween every year. Me and Max didn't dress up for the day as we went to take a look last minute and plus it could be interesting that I can snap some pictures of people dressing up for Halloween! I really hope next year we can dress up and snatch sweets with the kids :P It's fun seeing them in spooky costumes or some unrelated dressing to Halloween and not to mention that the whole street at Woodgrove Ave is bustling with noise full of dressed up kids and parents. It's like a new year to them, but with more fun for the kids ^.^ Yes and this is free, unlike some places you have to pay for Halloween events.

Bokeh bokeh bokeh bokeh bokeh ♥

XOXO, Maymay Neo ♥

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